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Over 60% Revenue Growth From Google Ads

The objective

After trying to dive into Facebook Advertising themselves, they managed to get some traction on the platform themselves but hit a ceiling on what they were able to achieve.

The context

This client has taken an omnichannel approach to drive customer acquisition and increase lifetime value. With the combination of Facebook + Instagram ads, Google AdWords, and Email Marketing, this client has seen tremendous growth and profitability since launching in Q4.

The approach & insights

They needed a marketing partner that not only had the technical understanding to grow their Facebook account but also work in conjunction with them to scale in line with their inventory flow as they had an extremely large range of items.

After a LOT of testing in the first six weeks, they were a little nervous as they hadn’t yet seen any growth in revenue. But we knew what was coming…

The signs were really strong and we’d uncovered a number of large audiences that were performing strongly, all we had to do was start trimming the non-performing audiences, boost the ROAS and start scaling as hard and fast possible.

The result

This client has gained more revenue than all of the previous year combined, and month over month, their sales have increased!

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Local SEO & Reputation

Targeted local SEO that puts you on the top pages of google for your city. We also increase social proof through engagement, reviews and reputation management.

Online Advertising

The fastest way to accelerate your practice’s growth is by implementing our Known Dental Facebook & Google strategy. We GUARANTEE 20 new patient booked appointments in 60 days.

Total Optimization

We perform an in-depth review of your website, listings, and more to ensure your digital footprint is a lead generating machine. Our SEO, heat mapping, and funnel/landing page strategies are proven to keep your new-patient flow the most efficient in your market.

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Small Business Digital Marketing for Big Growth

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What makes Cyphon different is that we focus on growing your business by creating and adapting a custom small business Marketing Solution that caters to the current stage of your business putting you on the right path towards your most important goals.


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We pride ourselves in employing the most tenacious, innovative, top talent digital marketers in the industry. Partnering with us provides you your very own digital marketing team.