Ecommerce Website Design for WooCommerce, Shopify, and More

At Cyphon Digital we go beyond the limits of traditional eCommerce solutions to deliver powerful website designs that are high-converting, mirror your brand image, and drive results.

Let us build the e-commerce store you’ve been imagining.

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Building & Driving Store Growth

We design & build stunning, high-performing E-Commerce websites with results in mind.
Sites that focus on providing the user with a clear path to purchase, persuasive messaging and powerful calls to action.

WooCommerce vs. Shopify – Which One Is Right For You

WooCommerce and Shopify are two of the best options out there.

If you need standard functionality with no limitations, Shopify will be your go-to solution whereas if customization and limits on budget are what matters to you most then WooCommerce would suit better as its features allow more freedom in custom development while keeping the cost down relatively.

WooCommerce Favored by Developers and WordPress Websites

As a free plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce is an easy option to expand to ecommerce for WordPress websites.

The cost benefit, development freedom, and various options through custom templates and plugins also make WooCommerce store a popular option for startups, especially the ones with unique products or desire many customizations.

Here are a few reasons to pick WooCommerce over Shopify:

  • WooCommerce is an open-source solution, which comes with thousands of prebuilt WordPress themes and WooCommerce themes.
  • WooCommerce offers more custom design/development freedom for companies with a smaller budget, because it uses HTML/CSS/JS, the standard development language.
    • Shopify on the other hand, requires liquid development, which is niche in the development community and can cost more for the same type of customization
  • WooCommerce is free to download, and allows users to choose hosting services that can be as cheap as a few dollars a month. Shopify starts at $29 a month.
  • WooCommerce doesn’t charge you transaction fees when making third-party gateway payments.
  • WooCommerce is built on WordPress which is designed with SEO in mind. This makes it a better choice for SEO compared to Shopify.

Shopify Is A Turnkey Solution for Busy Entrepreneurs

Shopify is an all-in-on online store solution for busy entrepreneurs who want an easy way to sell their product online. Shopify includes everything from domain offer, hosting, security configuration, e-commerce sites, payment processing and basic marketing all in one package.

  • That said, Shopify has some advantages over WooCommerce.
  • Unlike WooCommerce where you purchase on your own domain, Shopify comes with a free subdomain.
  • Shopify includes security features like PCI compliance, fraud analysis, and a free SSL Certificate. WooCommerce requires you to configure security on your own.
  • Shopify gives you unlimited file storage, while WooCommerce file storage capacity depends on your web host.
  • Shopify provides Abandoned Cart Recovery as a standard feature, while WooCommerce requires you to set up and configure your own abandon-cart communication.

Supercharge Your
E-Commerce Website

Increase Online Revenue & Conversions

Our websites are proven to quickly drive sales and set up companies for long-term growth.

Our E-Commerce services include but are not limited to:

  • Online
    Shopping Carts
  • Management
  • Customer
    Payment Portals
  • Payment Gateway API Integrations
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Accounting Software API Integration
  • Recurring
    Membership & Fee

Industry-leading Online Stores by WooCommerce and Shopify Experts

  • We dedicate a project manager with deep industry experience in ecommerce to get your store up and running in record time.
  • We use learnings from previous web design projects to deliver future-ready online shop solutions.
  • Our focus on speed, convertibility, and usability of your website guarantee superior customer experience with better sales outcomes.
  • We provide end-to-end solutions – from basic WooCommerce web design to hosting and support to a completely custom store built on Shopify.

Top-notch customer support for your new website

Our team of web developers, engineers, and support staff work round-the-clock to make sure your ecommerce site runs 24/7 without a hitch. We also guarantee unbeatable response times when troubleshooting web-related issues.

We provide managed WooCommerce hosting services that guarantee affordability, scalability, and high-performance of your website. We also backup, secure, and optimize your WordPress site, providing extra security for your data.

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Advanced services that set you up for success

While a standard eommerce store can be quickly set up as a DIY project, a professionally designed online store improves your chances of getting more hits, higher conversions, and better sales.

At Cyphon Digital we leverage our deep industry knowledge to implement solutions that promote your brand and get you faster results.

When we set up your eCommerce store, we take care of the following aspects:

Custom web design from scratch
Building your online store from scratch enables users to browse seamlessly from your landing page to the checkout section. A smooth user experience means more customer engagement, more conversions, and more sales.
Customizing your store
We customize your WooCommerce and Shopify functions to improve communication with visitors, minimize product returns, and shorten your sales cycles, overall providing a better customer experience that gives you a competitive edge.
Configuring conversion tracking
Keeping track of conversions and similar visitor activity is the key to understanding customer behavior and achieving sustained growth of online sales. Cyphon Digital helps you monitor and measure a host of metrics on your website that ensures you’re always in sync with your customers’ product preferences, keeping your sales on an upward trajectory.
Integrate with third-party platforms
We help you connect seamlessly to third-party services for an optimized customer experience that helps your business scale to new heights.
Full managed WooCommerce hosting, backups, and security
Our fully managed hosting service ensures your WordPress site benefits from powerful technologies for a website that is both secure and fast. We handle the hosting-related aspects like backups, updates, and security checks, guaranteeing maximum uptime and performance of your WordPress website.
SEO for eCommerce website
Optimizing page titles, creating unique product descriptions, and making site navigation simple – these are just some of the features that make our search engine optimization (SEO) services stand out and earn your eCommerce site a higher ranking on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Ready For A Successful E-Commerce Website?

An E-Ccommerce website is more than just the digital face of your storefront. It’s also the gateway to all of your behind the scenes inventory, invoicing and payment systems. We can help you integrate all of those systems to win and keep more customers. With our responsive ecommerce website, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rate and grow your bottom line.