Our experienced team has launched over 800 successful websites using our time-tested process.

Discovery + Strategy
Phase 1

Discovery + Strategy

In this initial phase, we gain an in-depth understanding of your business and it’s broader objectives through research and discovery. Then we elevate your web presence through defined messaging and a conversion focused campaign strategy that takes you well into the future.

  • Project kick-off & client discovery
  • Gather & compile Info and assets
  • Research industry, competition & trends
  • Wireframes & site map planning
  • Messaging strategy
  • Copywriting (SEO, technical and business)
Design + Creative
Phase 2

Design + Creative

During the design and creative phase, we establish the visual aesthetics for your creative assets. Using mockups and the latest collaborative tools, you’ll experience our iterative and seamless process as we refine the designs to perfection.

  • Style exploration
  • Homepage design concepts
  • Interior page layouts
  • UI/UX & navigation plan
  • Interactivity & animations
  • Branded email, landing pages, digital marketing, etc.
Phase 3

Programming + Execution

Using the approved designs and master content plan (from the strategy phase), we will program all the pages of your website at a sandbox location. We ensure cross browser and mobile compatability across the latest platforms. We’ll also work closely with you to tweak the content, photos, links, videos and other assets until every page to your liking. Upon your approval, we’ll launch the website, ensuring a seamless process with little downtime, and provide post-launch support for any issues that may arise.

  • Website host, email & domain set-up
  • Website programming
  • Mobile/browser Q/A
  • Technical & business implementations
  • Client review, feedback and revisions
  • Website Launch
Programming + Execution
Maintain + Support
Phase 4

Maintain + Support

After your website is launched, we’ll monitor and provide support and technical assistance to keep your website and campaigns thriving. A successful website needs to be fresh, relevant and reliable — we’re here for that.

  • Client training on how to update website
  • Monthly maintenance plans
  • Website enhancements & technical upgrades
  • Maintain and monitor digital marketing campaigns
  • Monthly SEO campaigns to build online authority