7 Website Design Trends for Any Business

Regardless of your field or industry, good website design is important. You need a website that will provide an attractive and appealing representation of your brand to make a good impression on potential clients and offer value to existing ones. Website design, however, is one of those things that is constantly evolving making it important for you to update your website to stay current and relevant. With the expertise of professional Portland website design services, you can trust that your website will stand out in 2020 and the years to come.

2020 Website Design TrendsWeb Design Trends for 2020

As with any type of design, there are many web design styles that stand the test of time, remaining popular, attractive, and sought after regardless of trending ideas. While opting for a classic style may seem like the best route to take with your website, staying up-to-date with the up and coming themes of the new decade can help you make the most of your website.   Here are 7 website design trends for any business to consider:  

1. Dark Mode

Mobile devices and apps recently created the option for “dark mode” in which the background of their device screen can take on a darker theme. Dark mode offers a sleek, modern design that is visually impactful. With a dark theme, you create a bold contrasting background that will make other elements of your design stand out. Whether you opt for brightly colored accents and text or a more elegant style using whites and muted metallic, dark mode design is in high demand in technology today.    

2. White Space

In sharp contrast to dark mode, white space offers a classic, yet modern and minimalistic design that is sure to impress. Stark white backgrounds or bright white frames can offset large bold images to make crucial elements stand out. White space creates clean lines and a structured presentation that offers clear visuals, legible wording, and clearly marked call-to-actions that continue to be a popular choice across the web.    

3. Oversized Text and Design Elements

To quickly catch the eye of site visitors, websites are turning to oversized text and large elements. With bold icons, images, and typography, websites can instantly communicate important messages or features. Headings may appear significantly bigger than supporting text, while pictures may be formatted to fit the entire screen in order to make an impact. By using such prominent features, websites eliminate other design elements in order to direct attention to the more important aspects of their design.    

4. Illustrations That Add a Hand-Drawn, Whimsical, or Abstract Touch

By incorporating imperfect elements such as hand-drawn illustrations and simple lines, you can create an authentic artistic feeling to the design of your site. Using creative and imaginative sketching, this trend is perfect for any business looking to add personality to their website. These illustrations often appear messy or even flawed in order to make a website feel more relaxed and relatable to those visiting their site.    

5. 3D Digital Graphics

As technology advances, people become increasingly drawn to impressive visuals and digital graphics. Adding 3D artwork to website design creates a virtual realism that will attract customers. 3D imaging allows a website to deliver an immersive experience that visually engages customers, encouraging them to interact with the website and increasing the potential for sales.

Cyphon Design Portland Website Designer6. Breaking Up Content With Color Blocks or Split Screens

For businesses with a greater amount of content to display, a website that can provide flexibility and order in doing so is of utmost importance. To accommodate a number of ideas without feeling overpowered or cluttered, website designers use block tactics to create unified division. By splitting the screen into halves or quarters or by incorporating solid blocks of color between ideas, individual pieces of content receive importance and their own personal spotlight.  

7. Shadows and Layering

By combining different elements, you can create depth from a computer screen. Shadows, layering, and floating images all work together to create the illusion of three-dimensional design. These effects also work together to make a page feel less saturated or heavy even if there are a variety of design elements in play.   To incorporate one of these top design trends or other popular styles, trust in the expertise of Cyphon Design. We offer expert website design services in the Portland area to craft websites that will benefit your brand and stand out in this day and age.

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