Why You Need a Great Website More Than Ever in 2021

These days, everything happens online. People are constantly connected to their smartphones, tablets, and computers. If something doesn’t exist online, it doesn’t exist at all in many people’s minds. In order to succeed, businesses must have a great website. For modern customers, the website has often become the deciding factor in which business to choose. With the help of Portland website design and development, all companies can have a great website—in many cases, the survival of their business depends on it. why you need a great website in 2020 Here are six reasons why having a great website matters more than ever in 2020.

More People Are Online

If you want to connect with customers, you have to go where the customers are. And in most cases, your target customers are on the internet. Internet traffic has grown in recent years, and it is poised to grow exponentially in the next few years. That means establishing a great website now builds your web presence and makes you available to potential customers. In 2020, the world is facing a global pandemic, and people are spending more time at home. They often aren’t able to go see businesses in person or talk to real people and are spending more time on the internet. It’s never been more important to have a great website because in many cases, it’s the only way customers can learn about you and stay connected during these uncertain times. Modern customers are digitally minded. To make real connections with them, you need to be where they are, which means having a great website and a strong web presence. This is especially important with younger customers, who tend to have the most buying power. Generation Z is the up-and-coming generation, and within just a few years, they will be the most powerful shoppers with the potential to make or break your business. They are also young and digital natives, so they don’t know a world without the internet and are much less likely to do business with companies that don’t have great websites. Even the older generations of customers are spending more time online, which means that no matter who your target customer is or who you are trying to reach, the best way to do that is through a great website.

Websites Build Credibility

Your website is your customers’ first impression of your brand. Having a strong web presence builds credibility. If potential customers search for your business and don’t find anything, they’ll likely think you don’t take the venture seriously and move their business elsewhere. Credibility is incredibly important in 2020 because customers want to do business with companies that are authentic and transparent. Credibility goes beyond just having a website; it also must be a quality website. One study found that 75% of online shoppers considered a company’s credibility based on the design of its website. If someone finds your website and it is outdated, poorly designed, or broken, that reflects on your company and likely shows that you don’t care enough to update your website or stay on top of technology changes. But if a potential customer finds your website and it is optimized for mobile, updated, and has a user-friendly design, they will likely think your company is more credible and be more likely to want to do business with you.

Competition Is Fierce

You can’t compete against other companies without a website. Modern customers expect businesses—no matter their size or industry—to have a website. Without a great website, people won’t know you exist, and they’ll go straight to the competition. The world is getting more competitive, and new businesses are popping up all the time. Even if you have a strong word of mouth marketing strategy that has worked in the past, you never know when your business is going to get disrupted by a new player. An established web presence showcases your company to stand out from the competition.

Staying Connected In 2020Customers Are More Connected Than Ever Before

Customers want to connect and share experiences with their friends and family and with the businesses they enjoy. People are talking, and you should be part of the conversation. When a customer has a great experience, they can share it with other people, which can lead back to your website and draw in potential customers. Customers want to connect with businesses, shown by the fact that new business reviews are up nearly 90% in recent years. Having a website that allows customers to contact you and start a conversation is a huge draw to customers in 2020. They want to see that businesses are run by real people and have real employees and goals. Your website is the best way to convey that and take the step to build strong relationships that customers crave. And as a bonus, a relationship with one customer can have a ripple effect: if your website allows you to connect with a potential customer, that person can share it with their friends and family and have a hugely positive impact on your business. People are more likely to share great websites than sub-par websites.

Customers Want To Support Businesses

In 2020, customers want to support local businesses instead of only shopping at big-name retailers and big-box stores. Small and medium-sized businesses can offer unique services that big retailers just can’t, and more customers want to support local business owners and employees. But in order for them to support your business, they have to know about it. And just because a customer wants to support a local business doesn’t mean they still don’t want to be confident they are making a responsible decision. A great website helps customers find out about your business and can showcase your products and services to build credibility. A website also allows you to connect with local customers and show your business to the community. Local searches, such as searching for businesses in the area, have grown steadily in recent years. One of the most important things a business can have is a website that is optimized for local search results. When a customer searches for a “music store in Portland” or “café around me”, you want them to get your website at the top of their search results. That only happens with a great website that highlights your location.

Customers Want To Be Informed

Businesses used to have all the power, but things are shifting. Now, customers have more options of where to take their business, which gives them power to choose who they want to interact with. With more options, businesses have to compete for customers and showcase what sets them apart from the competition. A website is the most effective place to tell a business’s story and draw in potential customers. The vast majority of customers research online before they make a purchase. That information comes from a number of sources, but businesses that provide information on their website and help customers make informed decisions can build goodwill and strengthen relationships with customers. If a customer is looking to build a new patio in their backyard and starts looking at the different options for materials and designs, they could find the website for a local patio building company. If that website provides accurate and trustworthy information, it not only helps the customer be more informed about their purchase but also introduces a potential customer to the company. In 2020, business websites don’t just sell products—they also educate customers and share information to help them make the best decision. A great website educates customers and provides them with resources to make the best purchase decision. These six reasons show why you need a great website in 2020. A great website plays a significant role in any successful business. In 2020, it’s never been more important to have a strong web presence and a design that stands out. Between uncertain times and more connected customers, your business needs a great website if it’s going to succeed. If you're interested in learning more about what a Portland website designer could do for you, contact Cyphon Design today.

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