Is Designing Your Own Website the Best Option for Your Business?

One of the first steps for creating any small business is to build a website. Your website is where people find out about your company, contact you with questions, and even make purchases and appointments. But designing and building a high-quality business website often comes with a high price tag, which can be difficult for a fledgling company. Even with online tools that make it possible to design your own website, the investment in hiring a professional Portland web design agency for a high-quality business website can’t be beat and often leads to big returns. So, is designing your own website the best option for your business? In most cases, no. Here are three reasons why it’s better to hire a professional web designer than to build your own website.

Drives Higher Traffic

Hiring a professional web developer to build a high-quality business website can be an investment, but it can also lead to higher traffic and better search engine results that drive more business to your company. In that sense, paying to have a high-quality website can pay off in the long run. Search engine optimization is what determines where your website lands in Google results. The higher the results, the greater chance that people will visit your website. Much of SEO is based on the content of the website, but the roots are in the design and development. To allow your website the potential for high SEO and Google results, you’ll want a professional to build the right foundation. Professionals are the best option for large websites with lots of pages or sites that require a higher bandwidth, such as websites that will attract large amounts of traffic or require more data storage. If you plan on making many changes and updates to the website, hiring a professional web developer can be a good option. Many professionals include maintenance packages, which help the sites stay up to date and takes the need to constantly monitor the website and new technology off of the shoulders of those running the business.

Website Design For BusinessesCustom Design

There are a number of free templates available online that make it possible for someone with no knowledge of how to code to build a website. Those resources can make it tempting to design your own website, but the results rarely look as polished and professional as hiring an agency. Those free templates are often very similar to each other, with the only difference being the text and images you put on the site. Hiring a professional web designer gives you a completely customized design that is totally unique to your company. You can rest assured that other businesses won’t have the same graphics on their websites, which helps you stand out and acts as a competitive advantage for your company. Hiring a web design agency helps build your brand and online presence and makes you more unique and recognizable to potential customers. 

Better Website Features

If you want a website that does more than just the basics of sharing static information across a limited number of pages, the best choice is to hire a professional web designer. Business websites perform a variety of actions, including selling products, collecting customer information, scheduling appointments, and sharing files. Those are all advanced features that can most often only be done by a professional web developer. Customers expect websites to be functional and perform many tasks, as well as be optimized for mobile. To create a strong user experience, hire a professional. A professional web design agency can also add more security to protect your company and customers as they make purchases and share information. This is especially important for websites that allow customers to download files or make purchases. Designing your own website likely won’t allow for near the same level of security and protection. When it comes to building the ever-important business website, companies have many options. Investing in your website is one of the best things you can do for your company, and these three reasons prove the value that comes from hiring a trusted agency. Interested in getting a quote from Cyphon Design for your business website? Connect with us today.

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